ALGO 1186 Analog Horn Speaker

  • Analog Horn Speaker for Telephone Loud Ringing, Voice Paging & Emergency Alerting – Outdoor Rated

The Algo 1186 Analog Horn Speaker is an accessory for the 8180 IP Audio Alerter. The analog horn speaker is particularly useful when additional volume is required or the application is outdoors. For example, a workplace which is expansive (i.e., warehouse) or where hearing protection is worn and/or ambient noise levels are high (i.e. machine shop).

  • Audio Specifications

    Speaker: Double re-entrant horn speaker

    Sensitivity: 107 dBA +/- 3 dB 1m/1W (1 kHz) at 1.3K, 1.6K, 2K, 2.5K Hz-Avg.

    Frequency Response: 350 – 9,000 Hz (- 10 dB)

    Dispersion Angle: 76H x 51V (2 kHz -6dB); Oriented Vertically 11” tall x 6 5/8” Wide


    Wiring: 18” (46cm) wire tail stripped and tinned

    Power Device

    Rated Impedance: 8 Ohm +/15%

    Rated Power: 50W

    Maximum Power: 100W

    No power supply required – draws power from the 1825 or 8180 devices

    Environmental Parameters

    Environmental: -40 to +50° C (-40 to +122° F); Suitable for outdoor and wet environments when properly installed.

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